The company AQUAdot was founded in 2015 by Vassilios Papachristidis based in Ioannina. It started operating in the field of swimming pool and water structures from 2010 throughout Greece. With its many years of experience in the field of construction of swimming pools and spa areas but also in the field of water treatment, with projects of high quality, efficiency and aesthetics, our company specializes: in the construction of private and public swimming pools and in the sales of whirlpools, water disinfection chemicals and all kinds of pool accessories.

The materials used are of high standards and quality, environmentally friendly and with the possibility of providing multi-year guarantees. With respect to the customer, AQUAdot undertakes all the work required to build a pool at affordable prices.

The AQUAdot maintenance team provides ongoing support for your pool cleaning and maintenance issues. It also undertakes the repair or reconstruction of mechanical equipment. We cooperate with the largest and most reliable companies abroad and in the Greek market. Each machine - product is offered with the required technical specifications, according to the strictest international standards.

The goal of the company is the quality and economic construction of professional and private swimming pools throughout Greece, with respect to the requirements and money of its customers.

It is worth mentioning that our company is the first in Epirus and one of the first in Greece to bring and apply innovative pool automation technologies (automatic disinfection, pool control from mobile or tablet, etc.), thus bringing a new era in the reliability and aesthetics of the pool.

Meet our company and become one of its happy customers!